Child Safe Roman Blinds

At Causeway fabrics we take child safety very serious, and as part of our compliance to British Standard recommendations. All our Made to Measure Child Safe Roman Blinds are fitted with features to help reduce the risk of an accident. You can learn more about our child safe roman blinds here.

Safety feature number one is the sidewinder chain which is fitted with an internal breakaway mechanism. If any pressure is placed on the chain, the chain will come away from the blind therefore avoiding any accidents. The chain can easily be clipped back in place and there is no need for safety boxes attached to the wall. Safety feature number two is the fitting of cord breakaways. We fit two breakaways for every cord and also a safety toggle for every cord. The benefit for this is that if any pressure is placed on the cords they will break away from the blind again avoiding any accidents. The toggle prevents the cord breakaways from falling on the floor and causing a choking hazard. The toggle also prevents the cord from tangling inside the headrail, which means you just have to pull the cords down and clip the breakaways back in place, making it easier to put the blind back to working order. All the devices on our child safe roman blinds have been BV Certified & Tested and supplied by Evans Textiles.