Hanging Pencil Pleat Curtains

Pencil Pleat curtains are probably the most commonly known type of curtains, and in fact it's also the hardest curtain to hang as there is more work involved. Unlike our Made to Measure Double and Triple pleat curtains that are already hooked the pencil pleat needs a lot more thought, so unless you have an expert to hang them for you,then I'm going to give you a few tips on how to do it yourself.

Firstly if its a pair of curtains you're hanging then you need to know the width of the rail or pole, divide this size in half and add about  3" or 4" to allow for overlap and bounce back, this measurement is the size you gather each curtain into.

Next make sure the cords are secured at both ends, all our Made to Measure Pencil Pleat curtains will be secured at one end and have the cords ready to pull at the other end.

If your curtains have a half width attached this is the end you will be pulling the cords at so as to make sure the half widths are positioned at the outside edge of the window. Tie all three cords together and find some where to hook these cords on to for tension, ideally a door handle or window handle.  Start to pull all the cords together and push the tape with your hand  until you reach the required measurement.

At this point tie cords into a loop knot, please don't cut the cords as you may need to let the curtain out again at a later date.

Roll up the excess cord and place inside the little pouch attached to the end of the curtain, all our Made to Measure Pencil Pleat curtains will have cord pouches attached. Now spread your pleats out to achieve an even pleat.

Count how made gliders or rings you have and again divide this in half for each curtain. If you are hanging your curtains on a rail then the hooks will be in the bottom pocket and if its a pole then the hook should be in the top pocket although some people like the curtain to sit above the pole therefore the hook will be in the bottom pocket but this is a personal taste. Place all the hooks evenly across the curtain making sure the hook at the leading edge is placed a couple of inches back from the edge so when the curtains meet  when pulled together you will have an overlap. I hope this is of some help and will remove the stress that some of you might be feeling when hanging curtains. Your curtains will be more professional looking and will hang a lot better if you take that extra bit of care. Good Luck!